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More Prevention = Less Cure

June 20, 2011

Crosby succeeded in helping organizations to realize that defects need not be inevitable.

For many organizations this was the beginning of their serious investment in their system of prevention.

Such investments in the removal of common cause variation from the system reduced the money wasted on detection and failure (the price managers once were happy to pay for not preventing nonconformity).

ISO 9001 specifies what must be done for the management system to prevent nonconformity (covering two of Crosby’s four absolutes).

All this prevention should enable organizations to remove common cause variation from the system instead of dealing with an abundance of misbehaving processes. Drive out special causes of nonconformity with PONC information (see C below).

Ongoing cycles of repeated preventive action (and corrective action) further improve the management system and its processes.

As your management system matures invest in three more processes:

A. Analyzing failure modes (and success modes) and their effects (preventive if FMEA/SMEA is used during design)
B. Mistake proofing processes and products (preventive)
C. Reporting the price of nonconformity (reactive)

Crosby’s “zero defects” said it is better to prevent defects than to rely on statistical process control and we agree.