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Why no social responsibility certification?

April 25, 2013

Many organizations now are developing their management systems to deliver social responsibility for sustainable stakeholders. They realize that, as with ISO 14001, they must go way beyond compliance with the law to be ethical and socially responsible.

Indeed, our supplier networks must be helped over many years to fulfill requirements while preventing loss and improving lives of their stakeholders.

As organizations create sustainable stakeholders we can learn enough to specify viable requirements (perhaps in ISO 26001) from years of adopting the recommendations of ISO 26000. This may be helped by the mother of all international management system standards, ISO 9001, turning ISO 9004’s sustainability recommendations into requirements (audit criteria).

We need to learn from the effective socially responsible organizations creating sustainable stakeholders all over the world before we develop the definitive audit criteria necessary for any credible certification scheme.

Meanwhile, we among the world’s citizens should not rely on ISO (or auditors!) to protect our rights. We must continue to fight for our rights so we value them and protect them.