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Justifiably Confident Leaders

July 27, 2012

Quality, it can be said, is about making and keeping competitive promises that result in more successful stakeholders. Indeed, this is the basis for quality coming from individuals, processes and organizations that meet requirements.

Never question the commitment of senior managers; only their ability to show their commitment to requirements by what they say and do. Recognize that they can feel uncertain, embarrassed or powerless talking about quality leading to actions that may send the opposite message to that intended.

Leaders tend to avoid talking about quality, or showing their commitment to requirements, unless:

A. They agree on what exactly quality means to them and those who rely on them;
B. They have the means to manage quality proactively with their process-based organizational management system; and
C. They know how their organization works as a system to deliver quality.

Once you have A, B and C in place then run an awareness leaders workshop for them. Do not proceed with the workshop unless all three aspects are in place. For example, take action to deliver B if the management system attempts to deliver quality by overreliance on product inspection.

This workshop enables the leaders to develop their message and prepare to explain how their management system brings obligations and benefits as it helps employees and suppliers to determine and meet requirements.

Once suitably equipped and prepared as recommended above, the leaders should feel confident enough to visibly demonstrate their commitment to quality and remove causes of doubt and fear every day of the week.

Before this the leaders will remain unsure about quality and their organization’s ability to keep its promises.