Trends in quality management

Quality management is evolving to deliver more successful customers.

In other words we are moving on to consider the outcomes of the products of our organizational management systems.

And the role of Quality Manager is changing to that of System Manager so he or she helps the leaders to ensure their organizational management system helps everyone to deliver quality.

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2 Responses to “Trends in quality management”

  1. Ron McIntire Says:

    ISO 9000 series of standards when implemented for the right reasons and followed can achieve benefits. Over the past 25 years though, there has been a culture of disinformation among too many in the newly developed ISO Industry from the alleged experts that are either consultants or auditors. The first problem is most consultants have a formula, template cookie cutter approach to implementing (or aiding) organizations in development and implementation. This results in organizations implementing processes that do not fit well with the resource level of the organization. In some instances I’ve seen consulting organization go into existing systems and do not take into consideration how things are currently done.

    As an example the U.S. Government has very specific requirement for purchasing, one consulting firm went in and developed purchasing procedures, charging for these and expecting them to be implemented, when in fact the agency already had procedures.

    Auditors too (they also tend to consult if not employed full time with a registrar) seem to have a one way approach since they typically come from an industrial sector that tend to carry out processes in a particular manner. I find as well most are not even aware of the interpretations of the standards that are sanctioned or auditing practices that too are sanctioned.

    Then there are the executives or owners of the organization. It seem as though most are only vested to obtain the certification. Generally they have seen this registration process as primarily a marketing and sales tool, not something they will benefit from.

    At this point, ISO 9XXX is not going away since it has become so intrenched, but hopefully rather than wasting valuable resources and efforts to check a box, it will improve and be used/applied the way it was originally intended.

    • needs2cash Says:


      Trouble is most people talk about the management system standard ISO 9001 instead of the management system that already runs any organization that is in business. They use language like “implement” as if the processes do not already exist.

      I would be most interested in your critique of the people>processes>system methodology to develop an organizational management system so it can be used to add value faster and prevent loss sooner beyond any necessary certifications.

      I share your concern about auditors compromising their independence too.

      Many thanks.

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