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A bad system will defeat a good person every time

March 17, 2012

How can the organizational management system help its users to manage quality while reducing costs to provide long term employment by creating more successful customers?

Realizing quality goods and services is the result of quality processes. Quality is not the result of inspecting the products of badly designed processes. Quality is meeting all customer requirements. Customer requirements include timeliness, affordability and sustainability. Customers need to feel good about what they buy. And a customer is anyone receiving the results of the organization’s work. Quality means more customers are more successful.

Beyond the obvious, customers have many requirements that are hidden. Designers have to elicit and anticipate customer requirements. Designers of products (goods and services) convert customer needs into product requirements as specifications. Designers of production processes enable work to add value faster and prevent loss while fulfilling the requirements for the product. Investors or donors are attracted to organizations that do this well. They invest in the organization’s ability to anticipate and meet customer requirements without undue waste.

Knowing this is not enough. As Dr Deming famously said “A bad system will defeat a good person every time.” Management system professionals help everyone to understand their organization as a system. They help organizations develop the attitudes and processes necessary to assure the quality of their performance by preventing nonconformity.