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Creating more successful customers

July 31, 2011

Many people say business is all about making money. Just the other day in London while working on the global standard for management system requirements someone from local government said this. Fortunately he was quickly corrected by his colleagues who know better:

“Business is all about creating more successful customers”.

Indeed a quality organization determines the products, processes and management system they need to create even more successful customers. They then design and invest so the products and processes are improved by their management system to create more successful customers.

Their management systems include product design processes to translate the customer’s needs and objectives into specifications. Design and planning processes specify the delivery processes. Their customers review and approve their specifications and place a value on having them fulfilled.

Determine what your customers need to be successful and when they need it. Determine what value your customers place on being successful. Ask them to pay a little less than that value. Agree upon the promise using the approved specification so it is measurable and keep the promise.

By understanding customer needs we can see if we are the best organization to fulfill those needs. If not we may be able to recommend another organization to fulfill those needs so we can focus on fulfilling the needs of customers that match our strengths.

More successful customers are the most important products!