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A Quality Manager asks for managers who will listen

February 1, 2011

Replacing the leaders, managers and quality manager with people who have the preferred attributes or personality traits suggests they are all incompetent!

We are unlikely to solve the problem of managers not wanting to help the quality manager by replacing everyone.

Perhaps the message is wrong.

Too many leaders of the “we know best department” alienate other fellow managers instead of being seen as person providing the really useful management system.

I am talking about the system that actually runs the organization not the quality system documented to obtain certification.

Too many quality managers by their words and deeds take the responsibility for quality away from their colleagues. Everyone then thinks the quality manager is responsible for quality!

Change the message so everyone appreciates the role of the quality manager is to advise on how best to optimize the organization as a system delivering quality.

The management system is designed and run to help everyone to determine and fulfill requirements. The management system then enables its users to add value faster and prevent loss sooner while providing confidence to leaders, managers and customers that requirements will be fulfilled.

Failures to prevent nonconformity are blamed not on the employees but on the system so it is optimized by repeated cycles of corrective action.

The quality or system manager can achieve more success initially if she or he stops talking about quality and talks about requirements instead.

Perhaps the unifying message for the leader is:

“We work together to create more successful customers by converting their needs into cash in the bank without delay. We invest some of the cash and our time to better understand and optimize our organization as a system. If our system is not helping you and your colleagues to achieve this then please bring the problem to our System Manager”.

Please note the universal nature of quality when it is translated into the language of system and requirements.

What manager can argue with the need to use and optimize their system to understand customer needs, design services to fulfill those needs, maintain standards, eliminate waste and use money efficiently to fulfill those needs?

Everyone sharing the same understanding and enthusiam for quality (as our favorite company) may follow as the organization matures.