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Avoid “ISO Implementations”

December 12, 2010

Organizations should use the ISO 9000 family (particularly ISO 9001) of system standards to develop and improve their management systems so they are process-based to assure mission accomplishment.

Instead, many if not most organizations implement ISO 9001 to end up with another layer of documents competing for management attention with the management system that runs the organization.

Any organization that has applied our methodology (first published for all to use free of charge in 1986) will have developed the management system that actually runs the organization.

The biggest reason for poor usage of the standard is organizations feeling they are made to obtain certification.

Reluctant conformity leads to many dismal organizations.

Instead of selling certification, we want to know what our clients want to achieve with, and as result of developing, their process-based management systems.

Most of our larger clients do not bother with certification (although many do with their mission management systems).

These days we spend more time replacing sets of burdensome documents with process-based management systems.