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Processes Trump Departments

October 19, 2010

In many organizations, departments are havens for career development, wasteful politicking and rivalry with other departments. Like-minded humans try to keep the head of their silo happy at what cost? Such departments and wasteful departmental thinking is the enemy of process and customer service.

Processes are about the resources of several departments interacting to add value for customers (directly or indirectly).

Procedures are process specifications. Consequently departmental procedures are an oxymoron. Departmental instructions may be legitimate for controlling that function’s activities in the processes that cut across departments.

Increasingly departments or functions understand their role is to serve the processes that run through their domains. Thankfully the siloed havens of self-interest are dissolving before our eyes.

Are process owners becoming more important to organizations than department managers? More and more process managers are receiving the resources for their processes according to their processes’ ability to add or enable value.

But, with the demise of departments, do our process-based management systems need a process for developing careers?