A Leader who Understands


Today your management system helped two of your employees do a wonderful job.

My client and I were asked to move our cars from the street to allow snow clearance.

We had nowhere to go; but I then I had enough confidence in Hampton Inn to say to my client “we can move to my hotel where I am sure we can find a place to continue our work”.

I went ahead to make the arrangements. Tristan was most efficient in telling me the boardroom was clear and we could use it for a few hours (from 2pm to 4pm).

I then went to my room to freshen up before returning to the elevator on the 4th floor. This is where John met me. He took me straight to the boardroom and made sure I was comfortable. He then left to make sure my client could easily find me. Tristan had told my client where I was and he met John who escorted him the rest of the way.

My client was pleased and most impressed (he used to recommend some other hotel!).

Tomorrow I shall thank Tristan and John in person for their sterling service (their shifts had finished by 4pm).

Congratulations on developing and nurturing your system so it helps the employees do such good work.

Many thanks…

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